10th July 2020

HFL gets your generator running!

HFL was called to a non-operating generator at a recently converted office to residential property.

HFL contract manager Derek Smith took on the investigation and found the following problems with the installation:

  • The generator was suspected to have never operated due to the condition of the installation, even though there was commissioning paperwork for the installation.
  • No provision had been made for the air supply and discharge to run the machine;
  • The electrical cables from the change over panel were undersized relative to the output of the engine.

Following conversations with a generator specialist the below options were actioned to resolve the generator not running:

  • The generator was to be lifted and turned around 360 degrees so the intake and discharge points were facing an exterior wall;
  • The external wall of the building was to be specialist cut with diamond drilling experts to cut an opening in the exterior concrete wall;
  • Ventilation ducting was installed from the generator to the newly cut hole to exterior wall separating the discharge hot air and air intake;
  • To deal with the cable under sizing the generator’s output, switchgear was downrated to protect the actual required electrical load of the site.

Just another remedial project for HFL!

Contact our team today if your building’s M&E assets are not operating the way they should and we will sort it out!


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