12th April 2021

Evaporator replacement in Manchester

Well done to Bill Dyer and the team for replacing a chiller evaporator. The job included the following:-
- Draining of oil and water from compressor No2 and disconnection;
- Installation of temporary condenser (No2) supports to allow removal of main support and removal of evaporator to side of chiller;
- On first crane visit, lift off of evaporator and compressor No2 and send away for compressor for overhaul;
- Compressor stripped cleaned, motor windings dried and re coated and compressor reassembled with new bearings;
- Lifted back new evaporator and overhauled compressor;
- Re assemble evaporator including CHW and refrigerant pipework. Connect in overhauled compressor;
- Complete dehydration of condenser for circuit No2 and any other associated refrigeration pipework before opening system to new evaporator and compressor;
- Whilst void of refrigerant replacement of safety valves on both refrigerant circuits;
- Pressure test both circuits with nitrogen;
- Recommission compressor / circuit No1 and No2
- Installation of a ‘conical’ strainer to each chiller prior to the inlet of the evaporator and repair the non-returns on chiller No2 and No3 pump sets.

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