10th December 2021

Solar panels provide HFL with hedge against rising energy prices

It's been ten years since HFL installed solar panels on the roof of their Manchester Head Office.

Over the ten year period, the 316 square meter array has produced 417,500 kWh of electricity and have saved an estimated 226 tons of CO2 which would otherwise need roughly 10,200 trees to absorb.

The company invested nearly £120,000 for the installation of 200 Monocrystalline Solar panels and took advantage of the Carbon Trust's (Siemens) loan to pay back the investment. HFL also took advantage of the Government's feed in tariff prior to the tariff being halved on 12th December 2011.

In addition, the electricity generated by the panels is directly consumed on site since the business is busiest during the day - powering assets like air conditioning, servers, computers, and LED lighting. This has translated into significant energy savings for HFL, which have increased over the past year with rising energy prices which HFL would have otherwise been exposed to.

The pay back on the investment was calculated to be just after the 5th year of install.

If you have free roof space on your building and would be interested in getting a yield assessment and payback model calculated on your building then please contact us at 0844 980 2218.

What is nicer than having your very own mini power plant which is not reliant on volatile fuel prices?


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